Here are an initial list of topics that we have thought of for the initial meeting.

  • Motivation for ontology in life sciences
  • What is an ontology?
  • Knowledge representation
  • OWL
  • RDF
  • OBO Format
  • Protege
  • the OWL API
  • OBO-Edit
  • OBO-Edit API
  • Using ontologies in software; applications of ontologies
  • Ontological annotation of data
  • Knowledge representation
  • Components of an ontology
  • Classes and instances
  • Syntax, semantics, expressivity and reasoning
  • OWL syntaxes
  • Relationship of OWL and RDF
  • Automated reasoners
  • Decideability: what is it and why is it a good thing?
  • Formal and informal ontologies
  • Upper level ontologies
  • Ontology normalisation
  • Naming conventions; Labels and identifiers
  • OBO Foundry
  • Semantic Publishing
  • Linked data
  • First order logic
  • Reasoning with time
  • Describing species in an ontology
  • the process of building GO
  • Definitions: Natural language and logical
  • Semantic integration
  • Anatomies
  • Querying ontologies: SPARQL and SPARQL-DL
  • Identity

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