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Friends and Family: Exploring Transitivity and Subproperties

on August 8, 2013 by Sean Bechhofer in Uncategorized, Under Review, Comments (0)

Summary An exploration of the relationship between subproperties and property characteristics, in particular transitivity. Author Sean Bechhofer Information Management Groups School of Computer Science University of Manchester Oxford Road […]


Common reasons for ontology inconsistency

on June 12, 2013 by Samantha Bail in Articles, Comments (0)

Summary Following on from the previous Ontogenesis article “(I can’t get no) satisfiability” (, this post explores common reasons for the inconsistency of an ontology. Inconsistency is a severe error […]


Automatic maintenance of multiple inheritance ontologies

on January 21, 2010 by Mikel Egana Aranguren in Reviewed, Comments (2)

Mikel Egaña Aranguren <> (Technical University of Madrid, Spain) Introduction Ontologies with multiple inheritance are difficult to maintain manually. However, providing the correct set of axioms, an automated reasoner […]