Advice for Authors

Article Scope

Articles for Ontogenesis should relate to some aspect of the ontology use within the sciences. There is no limitation to the technology, domain or philosophy behind the ontology technology being used. Articles are intended to be explanatory, educational or tutorial in nature and as such should be aimed at an audience of an informed but non-expert scientist.

Article Publishing

Articles may be freely submitted for peer-review on Ontogenesis. Authors may also post articles on their own blog and post a short summary on Ontogenesis. Please contact Phillip Lord if you wish to submit an article.

Technical “how-to” documentation on publishing is available on the process knowledge blog.

Article Formatting

Ontogenesis allows the use of semantic markup; this is currently not well-supported by all authoring environments, so this markup is currently encouraged, but not required.

Authors may use the following span tags for marking up their text “semantically”.

To identify a concept, class, or universal. This will be displayed like this, using a fixed-width font.
An individual or particular. This will be displayed like this, using a fixed-width font and in italics.
A relationship, or property. This will be displayed like this, using a fixed-width font and in bold.

Both underscore and CamelCase are acceptible.

Articles may include images, graphs or any multimedia; at the moment, Ontogenesis doesn’t have a lot of storage space, so authors who wish to write articles with many videos should consider hosting off-site.

Peer Review

Ontogenesis uses a self-selecting peer-review system. You should obtain 3 reviews of your articles, at least one of which must be from one of the editorial board. Once you have three reviews in place, please inform the editors at

Copyright and License

All content which is hosted on Ontogenesis will remain copyright by authors or their employers as appropriate. By posting on Ontogenesis the authors are agreeing to a creative commons attribution license. Authors publishing on their own websites should indicate their acceptance of this license on the individual post.

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