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Review of Semantic Integration Article

Review of  Semantic Integration for the Life Sciences

This article presents an overview of the concept of Semantic Integration how it can be performed and what life-science projects have used this approach

  1. As this is a short article on “What is Semantic Integration” I think the Abstract and motivation headings are probably unnecessary. I would suggest starting the article at the first line of the current motivation section and either removing this heading or think of a slightly different one.
  2. I would then move the Ontologies can be generic… paragraph further down the page to – and merge with – the Ontologies for integration section
  3. Semantic Integration section
    What I would like to see here after this title is a definition of what semantic integration actually is making reference to semantic and syntactic heterogeneity
  4. The RDF Database section does not really seem to fit with the flow of the article. I would suggest creating another heading for the final paragraph starting “Previous work on” called something like, Current Semantic Integration Efforts/Projects and merge the RDF database section in with this.


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  1. Allyson Lister

    January 22, 2010 @ 1:01 pm

    Thanks for the peer review! I’ve updated the article to reflect your suggestions. The comments about structure were especially welcome.

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