Ontogenesis is a Knowledge Blog for descriptive, tutorial and explanatory material about building, using and maintaining ontologies, as well as the social processes and technology that support this.

Ontogenesis was first created in 2010. At one year old, it featured over 20 articles, with around 17,000 page views; at 3 years old, it now has attracted 40,000 page views, has over 35 articles, and has become a regular stopping place for those who wish to learn about ontologies; in short it has fulfilled our original motivation of replacing the equivalent academic book. It now continues to grow as a living resource.

All articles have a stable URL. Many have completed peer-reviewed, Following publication as reviewed, articles are stable and will not be changed. Ontogenesis is now archived by the British Library as part of the UK Web Archive and is indexed by Google Scholar.

The initial idea for Ontogenesis came from Phillip Lord. You can read the original manifesto that we wrote, describing the purpose of this blog. Ontogenesis is the first and main example of a Knowledgeblog, a flexible and light-weight process for scientific publication. It has recieved funding from JISC.

We are currently open to submissions. Please contact Phillip Lord if you want further information, or would like to offer articles for publication.

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