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How to Review for Ontogenesis

The Ontogenesis kblog is an open environment; this includes the reviews too. So, the author will know who reviewed the article; indeed, it is most likely that the authors selected the reviewers. It is our hope and experience that the open nature of the review process contributes positively to the process; reviewers gain credit for their contribution, while at the same time, ensuring that the process is self-policing.

We ask that reviewers apply the same reviewing standards that we would all like to have for our own articles; they should provide significant, positive and constructive feedback about the article. Articles for ontogenesis kblogs are aimed at an audience that is attempting to learn about ontology modelling, authoring and using ontologies. They are supposed to be short, accessible articles; while they should be correct, they do not need to be fully detailed. If more needs to be written, this may indicate another article is needed — we welcome contributions the ideas for which have come from the reviewing process.

Reviewing an article follows a similar process to writing an article in the first place, and should present no technical challenges for those who have already written a kblog article. A more complete description of the technical process is available on Process.


Phillip Lord
School of Computing Science
Newcastle University
United Kingdom


Robert Stevens
School of Computer Science
University of Manchester
United Kingdom


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